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Welcome to Royalty Poms Puppies
We breed Pomeranians to better the breed in Soundness,Temperament and quality.
I am passionate for colour so my lines carry Chocolate Parti and Tri colour and Orange Sable Parti. 
Buying a pomeranian puppy from the right breeder is what you should go for. We know what you are looking for and will help you get a healthy, perfect pom puppy for your family!. All our pomeranian puppies are AKC registered, loved, socialized and are a part of our family prior to them becoming a part of your family "We call it pre-spoiled with quality.
Some people buy their Poms puppies as birth day presents, gift and don't want to go through the long purchase procedure. We now offer "same day delivery" with all paper works within the U.S.A and Canada only.
Please feel free to contact me by Email or phone with any questions you have. We offer Healthy , Champion, AKC Puppies at Unbeatable prices with same day delivery to your door steps ! Check now

There are pets and there are canine family members. Anyone can have
the former, but it takes a kind, loving soul to have the latter. We
welcome you to Royalty Pomeranian, your 1-stop information center, where we are
dedicated to helping you achieve optimal health and happiness for your